The above, beautifully painted, 1975 Mercedes-Benz O-309-D passenger bus has all of the original seats, auxillary heating and an automatic transmission. OM-314 Direct-Injection 4-cylinder diesel engine, 3.5 meter wheelbase, dual (tandem) wheels on the rear. Air-assist brakes. Excellent off-road capabilities, even without 4-wheel-drive. Priced to sell quickly at $9,995.00.

1974 MERCEDES-BENZ L-508-D Motorhome. This highly versatile van is nearly identical to the "508" in which the owner of EuroTech Services International drove over a fair bit of Asia, in fact this very van accompanied him in convoy on several sojourns. With customized rear panel, it is prepared for final painting. It has the same engine and chassis as the O-309-D passenger bus, pictured above. Rebuilt engine and many other recently replaced (new) items. Runs perfectly, a great opportunity to obtain one of the very best international touring vehicles in the world!


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